I began playing folk music in 1964. I was heavily influenced by the Kingston Trio, Limelighters, Pete Seeger and others. I formed a trio, called The Wandering Three that performed in Southern California for several years with John Gribben, Berle Maxey and later Emerald Stara.


After completing college and after many years teaching, I began to record and perform again, often with fellow folk enthusiast Joe Miller. After the private release of several cassette albums (yes cassettes) I linked up with Neoga Records and released several CDs (Golden Vanity, Muley Point Mud, Never Enough Thyme and Drunken Sailor). In performances and recordings, I was joined by Joe Miller (guitar and harmony), Joe Parillo (keyboard and accordion), Debbie Clough (harmony), Gene Alesandrini (harmony) and Doug Wood (harmonica).


For several years I performed with Paul Bueno de Mesquita, Steven Myles, and Libby Miles as the Cognitive Dissidents, bringing the music of social movements to university audiences. This work with the Cognitive Dissidents led to a University of Rhode Island Honors Colloquium in 2006. For twelve weeks, the university was honored by the presence and performance of artists such as Peggy Seeger, Buffy Saint Marie, Utah Phillips, Chuck D and many others.


In 2005, Jon Dember and I began to play old time music at farmer’s markets. Joined by bassist, Ian Reyes, Farm Dog has performed in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut at festivals, contra dances, fund raiser, and concerts.


Joe Parillo, head of Neoga Records, Chair of the Music Department at URI, and Grammy nominated Steinway artist and I have teamed up for an annual Valentine Concert for the past three years. The result is an interesting mix of folk and jazz.


Some favorite musical moments include opening for Pete Seeger, and singing baseball songs at the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame. More elusive are those magic moments where all the elements fall into place in seeming perfection. Such moments may only be a single note in one song, or an entire concert, but they are special.


I am also a professor of communication and film studies at the University of Rhode Island and an award winning photographer.


Stephen "Doc" Wood

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